Enterprise Communication Suite

All-in-one Communication Suite designed for Small and Medium Enterprises for their modern-day communication needs.

E-mail Hosting for Your Domains

Enjoy live email notifications, an all-mighty email composer, read tracking, quick attachment previewing, attachment saving and sharing, email reminders and many, many more.


Chat Text, Audio & Video

you can use a communication method that you prefer or is suitable for the moment. From rich-text messages to high-quality audio and video calls, dz.al has everything you need in a modern communication suite.


A modern file management system packed with exceptional capabilities. Enjoy a smooth upload of files via a simple drag-n-drop functionality. Make use of a convenient quick share option to have your data uploaded and URL ready for paste in your clipboard. dz.al outstanding file previewer opens any document, spreadsheet, or a presentation file you throw at it, even audio and video.



dz.al lets you create a thorough contact card for anyone you interact with. You can fill in every last detail, so you know everything about the person next time you need it.


Fully featured Advance Mode Panel

We offer a fully featured control panel where you can add domains and e-mail accounts, with no limits beyond the storage you use and 300 outgoing e-mails per hour (per e-mail address).

You can also manage your DKIM keys, setup forwarders, customize your inbound spam filters, and so much more!

Look Professional With Custom Email

Start off the right way when your email address matches your website brand.

Plug and Play

Our Mail administration panel enables you to easily add/remove and config domains and email addresses on the go

Mobile Friendly

All Mail Boxes are Microsoft Exchange friendly, setting up your mobile client won't be a tough game anymore

Standard IMAP/POP

Mailboxes works on IMAP/POP/SMTP as standard, enabling your mailbox to be connected to any mail clients

Inbound SPAM Filtering

Incoming mail passes through artificially trainted SPAM traps before reaching your inbox.


Configure the looks and feels on the Webmail client with your corporate or personal logo

Email Signature

Choose from over 20, premade, email signatures that help you leave a lasting impression

Plans & Pricing




    $99 LifeTime

  • 15 GB
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • Branded Webmail Client
  • 1000 outbound emails hourly



    $199 LifeTime

  • 30 GB
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • Branded Webmail Client
  • 2000 outbound emails hourly

Send your brand out there with a professional email address

It's not the average mail server you get elsewhere ? we've added most of the hand picked features which our clients love and use daily